Action Camera Comparison

  • Action camera introduction
  • Why comparisons can help in your research
  • Cameradojo as a resource site

In extreme sports, it is almost always a necessity to own an action camera. The reason is, most extreme sports enthusiast today document their adventures/rides or whatever you call them using action cameras. This is also probably the main reason why more and more people are doing extreme sports. They see thru the help of the videos shot from an action camera that this type of sport is fun and exciting.  Another common application of action cameras are those travel videos that your friends often post on social media sites. So, there are really a lot of things you can do with one.


Now if you are looking to get one, you have to do proper research to be able to get the best action camera for your needs and wants. You have know which action camera is suited best for each type of need that you want. You can do that by looing at comparisons online. Cameradojo action camera comparison is a good example. By looking at those comparisons, you will get an overview of which action cameras to go for. Think of the comparison as the initial filter to your search. Once you get a list of preferred action cameras, it is time to do a more in depth research.

This time around, read reviews and user feedback about the action cameras that you have chosen, so that you can get a good idea if the camera is any good or not. Once you do that, then all that is left is to go to a shop and physically try one just for peace of mind.

Simple, right? As long as you start with a cameradojo action camera comparison, the filtering will be so much easier since cameradojo is a trusted website that reviews action cameras. You will be guaranteed truthful opinions about action cameras that they have reviewed. Visit the website now, it is a great action camera resource!

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Lightroom Preset Torrent

  • Lightroom has many different benefits for photographers
  • Lightroom free presets are easy to find and are varied
  • Some of the expensive Lightroom presents can be found in different torrent sites

Lightroom makes photo editing so much easier and efficient, that’s not even a question. When editing an overwhelming number of photos, Lightroom helps to save time and effort from having to manually alter each photo.


But with the whooping prices of high quality Lightroom presets, how can you get your hands on one? Well, there are two ways. The first choice is to sweep the internet thoroughly for free presets, or download presets through Torrent.

Free Presets

Although Lightroom can be quite pricy, there are free presets that can be downloaded in different websites. These presets are varied— different preset for a different scenario. With a wide selection of presets, it’s impossible not to find the perfect preset for your collection.

Another high point of this option is that these presets are  not difficult to find. With just a simple search on any search engine, you can find lists upon lists of many different websites that offer free Lightroom presets to choose from.


This option may not be as popular as downloading free presets, torrenting Lightroom preset is also common among editors. There are many websites from which you can download many different Lightroom presets.

These torrent-able Lightroom presets are often the same as the expensive ones in other websites. However, if this option differs in any way from downloadable free presets, it would be the fact that there are lesser options of Lightroom presets in torrent sites.

However, either way Lightroom presets taken from different websites whether through free download or torrent, are likely to perform better when imported to the work area since presets’ slides are adjustable.

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The Man Behind Best Action Cam Reviews

  • Reading reviews of action cameras from John Currie, owner of
  • Be an informed buyer of action cams by reading reviews and comments
  • An online camera shop that has tons of features for the improvement of producing photos

Best Action Cam Reviews is the brainchild of John Currie. Other than showcasing some of the best action cams available online, he also makes it a point to make his visitors intelligent buyers of action cams or cameras in general. This John camera site is actually hitting two birds with one stone.

It’s hard to imagine action cameras without this John camera site. His reviews of the latest trends as well as tips on how to manage and take care of these action cameras are so valuable that every year more and more customers are looking and reading his assessments of a particular action camera.

John, definitely, is leaving a mark in the field of action cameras. Ushering your clients and viewers on what needs to be done as far as improving picture quality, camera maintenance and video recording tips has proved to be so valuable, that the name Best Action Cam Reviews is synonymous with excellence.

Don’t miss out on this John camera site, otherwise, you don’t basically know what to do with your videos, let alone improve its quality. Give your photos a lift by taking heed of John’s reviews. An experience photographer and videographer himself, he knows exactly how to maneuver your equipment in such a way as to produce masterpieces.

So visit this John camera site real quick, before your videos get passé or eventually damaged. You have nothing to lose with his website, but sure enough you gain something in return. And that return is now manifested with the way John deals with his videos after taking that shot from an action camera.

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Free Presets for Your Wedding Images

  • Sleeklens offering free presets for your wedding photos
  • Enhancing your wedding pics using user-friendly photo editing tools available via Sleeklens
  • Lightroom presets with a variety of features and effects for your wedding photos

Weddings are special occasions. These are times when friends and families gather around to celebrate the union of two people becoming one as husband and wife. And since it is special, it should be preserved with an equally special tool for it to be more memorable. Special tools such as Lightroom presets offered by Sleeklens.

What makes these presets special is that they are free. These free Lightroom wedding presets by Sleeklens, moreover, offers a variety of features for you to use for greater effect. These are no ordinary features because they will make you look good.


Yes, these free Lightroom wedding presets by Sleeklens enhances your image online. You need not seek any help from a photographer anymore when improving the quality of your photo, all you need to do is explore its tools, edit layers if need be, then you are on your way for a more complete enhancement and sometimes transformation of your photo images.

Now if you can incorporate that into your wedding pics, imagine the effect would it be to your viewers. They get to see wedding photos that stimulate the imagination, making the photo-viewing more interesting, apart from the dull, boring stuff that ordinary photo-enhancing apps do.

Don’t waste your time now using these boring apps; these free Lightroom wedding presets by Sleeklens have it all. Aside from enhancing the color and texture of your wedding pics, you will be able to enhance the luminosity of it, making it more interactive compared to other photos.

What a way to enhance that wedding experience you had, courtesy of these free presets you can get any time via Sleeklens.

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How to Install Lightroom Presets Like a Pro

  • Adobe Lightroom is now in its 6th
  • Presets work compatibly with both Mac and Windows operating system.
  • Simple ways on how to install presets like a pro.

Adobe Lightroom is now in its 6th version and it contains more furious and exciting editing features. Lightroom and its presets work compatibly with both Mac and Windows operating system. Lightroom remains to be one the best post processing tools in the market today and users are using the software to modify and produce high-quality images. Essentially, there are a lot of features to expect like import and export services, new default presets and raw conversions.


This article will not just talk about how Adobe Lightroom works, it will also teach you how to download, install and use presets like Lightroom wedding presets free. These simple steps will help you speed up your entire editing process,thus enabling you to have enough time for other important photography tasks.

Simple ways on how to install presets like a pro

Basically, there are a lot of Lightroom Tutorials scattered around the web, and some of them provide a thorough detail on how to install presets. But in here, we will give you the easiest way of installing Lightroom presets (download or customized Lightroom wedding presets free). Just follow these five steps to install presets so you can use and apply it to your list of images.

  • Create your own set of presets or download third party presets online
  • Open the folder and unzip the file
  • Go to Adobe Lightroom and click menu
  • Choose the Develop Module and click “user presets”
  • Choose the preset you’ve made or downloaded and you’re good to go. Presets can be found on the Library Module.

By following these steps, you can easily install and use presets without stressing yourself out. However, if you’re new to Lightroom and you don’t have any idea about the program, it is best that you take the time to read Lightroom tutorials online so that you’ll be guided on how to control and navigate the entire program.

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Is Adobe Lightroom 6 the best photo editing tool you’ve been waiting for?

So, what to expect in Adobe Lightroom’s latest version? In this review, we will show the new features and services of Lightroom 6. We will also give you insights on how effective Lightroom 6 is to your images.

Adobe Lightroom 6 is the most awaited version for most photographers. Why? Because Adobe promised to improve and fix issues Lightroom 5 presets has encountered. Moreover, the program works in a very different pace, better than the previous version.


Admittedly, Adobe Lightroom cannot replace the performance of Adobe Photoshop. It’s layers, masks, and other useful editing tools are more complex yet users need to spend more time and effort in editing images manually. Most photographers are using both Lightroom and Photoshop for their workload since they want the best for their images.

In addition, basic adjustments in Lightroom are non-destructive, meaning, you can keep the original file of the image any time. You don’t have to worry about losing your files or previous Lightroom 5 presets since Lightroom will make sure everything is intact.

On the other hand, in Lightroom 6, photographers and other users can enjoy the simplified method of RAW and JPEG conversion so that modifying images will be easier.

Adobe Lightroom is known for its powerful ability to modify images in a split second, however, the tool has also the capacity to organize and manage images in one collection folder in the Library module.

The competition between Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop is still ongoing yet it is a good sign the photographers are aiming to use the best tools for the sake of the quality of their images.

Lastly, let’s take a quick look about the new features to expect in Lightroom 6. By knowing all the latest offers from Lightroom, you’ll be able to prepare yourself on how to use the tool appropriately.

New features in Lightroom 6:

  • Advanced Healing Tool
  • Advanced Radiant Tool
  • More default presets
  • Smart previews
  • Improved Face Detection
  • Photo books


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A Sampling of the Best Portrait Lightoom Presets

Portraits are the most common types of photos used online, particularly on social media. People love to see their faces on the web. For some reasons, they get a satisfaction out of seeing their portraits and receiving many likes in return.

camera233But with the arrival of Lightroom presets, these portraits are given a new lift.

A Lightroom preset is a photo app with numerous editing add-ons for simple reuse and duplication, and for putting style on the said photo image. It is also helpful to photographers in speeding up photo processing while giving pictures a more reliable look.

Lightroom presets are easy to use. You can tweak your photo image through its settings, adjusting them to your heart’s content, and it is a perfect tool for the enhancement of your portraits online.

There are a host portrait lightroom presets available online. Most of these are easy to download. One look at these presets will tell you that it is a suitable app for photos for it enhances even the minute detail of a particular portrait.

Let us a take a cursory look at some of the best lightroom presets for your portrait.

  • Sceptic Tones Lightroom Preset – It is a free, downloadable portrait lightroom preset where it enhances the resonance of your photo, giving your image a more vibrant feel.
  • 50 Portrait Effect V1 – This is a type of preset that highlights images like that of an album, presenting at least 4 images in one photo; suitable for showcasing different expressions into a unified whole.
  • SnapShot Pro lightoom portrait preset – If you want to emphasize the outflow, identity and even the mindset of your portrait, then this is the preset for you, and this is one preset that photographers use to highlight prominent features of a subject.
  • Seductive V2 – It has its effect like those images found inside women’s magazines, where certain features of a model are highlighted as part of a promotion. It brings out the best of a subject.
  • Portochrome – It is a preset perfect for featuring the subject as the focal point of the photo, relegating the background almost like a shade to focus solely on the subject.

These five portrait Lightroom presets are some of the most popular presets available online. Depending on your mood at times, or the effect you wanted to project, these presets have their own tools for you to achieve that desired look.

You don’t have to concern yourself anymore with downloading a hundred presets at your disposal because you can always customize these photos and safe keep into a folder.

And you now have a chance also to enhance your portraits like that of a professional, a set up unheard of in the old days.

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Photoshop Action Quick Tutorial

Generally, Adobe Photoshop actions enable you to record the step by step process of your editing workflow. You can always play them back over and over again to other images under your Photoshop interface.


Professional photographers frequently use actions to speed up their editing workload and achieve a consistent and high quality results.

In this article, we will give you a quick and brief Photoshop tutorial on how to load and use a set of Photoshop actions to your images.

To load an action, you have to open the Photoshop interface, go to actions panel and click the drop down menu button to open and load the actions. From there, you can choose which recorded actions to use on your images.

In addition, actions are easier to navigate when you active the button mode, it can be controlled in the drop down menu in the actions panel. The good thing about using actions is that you can use a keyboard shortcut for those actions that are used repeatedly.

Overall, there are a lot of ways on how to install and load an action, however, some methods are tricky and complicated. If you want to learn more about pure photoshop actions, visit this Facebook page.


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Photography and Light Exposure

gggIn digital photography, the term used by photographers called “exposure” is their reference of identifying the level of light exposure to the sensor of the camera when the shutter button is being pushed.

In layman’s term or for starters, the exposure of light from the camera determines if the image is too dark or too light. Photographers have different standard when it comes to light exposure.

Most of them want has their desired level of exposure and it is only obtained when they experiment the product, shutter speed, ISO and aperture settings. These three basic camera functions are considered to be the light exposure triangle.

Your digital camera has its default shooting modes which allows you to explore and experiment. And if you’re not satisfied with the default setting’s outcome, you can freely adjust the settings until you reach your satisfactory level.

However, it is still best to understand what the camera is capable of doing to produce a high quality perfect best action camera 2013  image. Just in case you don’t get to identify the right exposure and light levels, you can always depend on Adobe Lightroom, the famous image enhancement software, to help you in modifying your images. You can also check more of the best free lightroom presets available in the online market.

Moreover, the digital cameras such as Nikon and Canon products have mirror less compact lenses which allows its users to manually modify the entire light exposure settings. Some people prefer using the bridge type cameras or those with automated digital cameras.

If you want to have a career in photography, it is advised to choose the best digital camera in the market and combine it with the best post processing tool such as Adobe Lightroom to help you modify one or more images at once. There are a lot of cameras and software to choose from, pick the best ones.


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Adobe Lightroom 6 User’s Review

photosBasically, photo management and organizing for both young and professional photographers are limited and insufficient. There are only few trusted application and software developers in the industry for photo editing. One of the trusted developers is Adobe System, the creator of Photoshop, Elements, and Lightroom, great tools for image enhancement. Among all of these, Adobe Lightroom is the most popular since it contains easy and convenient image editing tools and presets for Lightroom. It is also a non-destructive tool which preserves the original file setting of all the photographers’ images. Plus it helps them save a lot of time from editing their tons of raw images.

Lightroom also provides clean and even post processing image outcome. It is very important for professional photographers to own a product like Adobe Lightroom to help them finish their editing task on time, especially when the demand of editing is high. With the latest version of Lightroom, photographers and other users can now do some minor editing thru Lightroom mobile in which they can directly modify images from mobile devices.

Similarities and Differences between Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is known to be the ‘best friend of photographers’ as it contains powerful and effective tools. However, Adobe Photoshop requires much time and effort since it can only do manual editing. As years go by, professional photographers needed a new photo enhancement tools that can help them modify images easily.

Over the years, Adobe was very consistent in developing better updates of Lightroom. Photographers even noticed that Lightroom 6 and CC has more useful tools than before. With Adobe’s new release of updates, users will never have to worry about client’s deadline and pressure, complaints and time-wasted.

Adobe Lightroom has already proved its worth. There’s no doubt that it became popular and named as the best photo enhancement tools in the industry.

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The Best of Adobe Lightroom

pic1Lightroom is known to be one of the greatest products of Adobe System in the market. It has the capacity to provide useful editing tools that helps young and professional photographers with their tasks and workload. In this article, we will talk about the best of adobe Lightroom and why people loved it so much.

Here are some of best features of Adobe Lightroom:

Lightroom Presets

Adobe Lightroom’s newest version added more default lightroom 6 presets so that beginners can use and apply it with their images. Lightroom 6 presets have more unique designs and adjustments. Adobe made sure that users can learn from it if ever they want to create their own customized presets.

Newly Improved DNG File Selections

Adobe’s recent version includes new feature for DNG file selection, a format that can replace varieties of different RAW file designs. Over the years of Lightroom’s existence, it was known to be the only tool that focuses more on RAW conversion and easy to use RAW application. With this new feature, users can organize and manage their RAW files in one collection.

However, the photo editing tool has its own limitations since Lightroom separates the collections of images and folders. Lightroom image folders are shown in default panel interface, while image collections needs to be set and created to appear in the program.

In addition, unlike its previous versions, the new and better version of Lightroom contains useful and adjustable features and panels.  See more Infoparrots guide to best free lightroom presets now.

Here’s a video on how to install Sleeklens Lightroom presets on Mac and PC:

Lastly, in terms of their features, Lightroom provides the best and fast photo editing performance. Its ability to modify images using Lightroom presets makes it perfect and effective. The best thing about Lightroom is that they are always open to suggestions and feedback. They listen to their users. Every upgrade and version signifies that they are giving what most people want.

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Exploring Adobe Lightroom

pic3What is Adobe Lightroom?

Before we proceed to our main discussion, let’s have a quick overview about adobe Lightroom. The popular image processing tool started in 2006 and was officially announced in 2007. Adobe system decided to pursue the program since users want more of the beta version. They like the whole system of Lightroom since it is not just about editing images manually; it has the ability to work with hundreds of images.

In this article, we will explore the wonders of the popular adobe Lightroom software.

Here are the three reasons why users love Lightroom:

Ability to create slideshow presentation, photo and video compilation

Basically, you can do everything in adobe Lightroom, from photo editing, down to slideshow presentation. Unlike other image processing tools, Lightroom has the ability to create slideshows and choose whatever themes you want to apply.

Has Improved Cloning and Healing Tools

Unlike Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom contains the most useful and upgradeable cloning and healing tool. It has the ability to remove blemishes, lines, spots and wrinkles without compromising other pixels since the brush can be customized. Users can adjust the size of the brush anytime they want.

Easy Watermark Application and Exporting Capabilities

Essentially, watermark application is important since it protects you and your images. The watermark feature is important in most photographers since it also help them create a name in the industry. They need a tool like Lightroom that will help them create a unique, stylized and personalized watermark.

On the other hand, Lightroom also contains easy to export and import features. Users can export and import their files to the destination they want to transfer.

If you haven’t encountered Adobe Lightroom yet, take all the time to explore the wonders and exciting features of it and know why a lot of users liked it. It just don’t help photographers modify their images by using the best lightroom presets, it also help them save time, money and effort.

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Dynamic Range Workshop 

Plug-in for Photoshop is a software that enhances details, enhances contrast, recovers highlight/shadow, improves sharpness, increases dynamic range of images.

The common problems of scanning images mostly concern to dynamic range, color casts, and sharpness. Dynamic Range Workshop Plug-in helps you to solve those problems.

Product Detail

Increase dynamic range of images by recovering details in shadow and highlight area. You can easily correct over-exposure and under-exposure images.

Enhance color saturation and contrast with a unique algorithm without hard-clip to the shadow-end and highlight-end.

Smart sharpen filter . You can freely set sharpness amount, radius, threshold, and edge presentation.

Highlight and shadow sharpen . You may apply smart sharpen filter separately between highlight and shadow area (similar to Adobe Photoshop CS2).Smart blur filter , automatically detect area in your image to be blurred while maintaining the sharpness of the picture. This feature is very very useful for portrait images.

Auto Exposure . Automatically adjust mid-tone level metering from overall image brightness level.

Diffusion filter . Creates dreamy diffusion effects with adjustable diffused tone.

Grain effect . Simulates film grain to the image that can make digital image looks lively

Preview with Real-time high quality.

Support automate batch and actions for image processing.

Support presets saving and loading.

Support RGB 48 bits and RGB 24, 32 bits.

Work with Adobe Photoshop 5 and later versions, Adobe Photoshop CS, CS2, and also Adobe Photoshop Elements.


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Importance of Photography

natureBasically, photography is a hobby or profession that requires good artistic skills, creativity and composed state of mind in order to appreciate and understand the people and the environment. Photographers often travel around the world to appreciate the beauty of nature and people. They just don’t take pictures, they create stories behind the emotions of their subject.

Photography also has its own advantages and benefits. I’ve listed some of the great benefits of photography below:

  • Photography helps us appreciate nature, culture, differences of other people and other God’s creation. A lot of good things can be found outside the busy streets and cities. Photography can relieve stress as it relaxes your mind.
  • Photography is a good hobby. Why? It lets you interact with the environment, animals and people.
  • Although Photography is one of the most expensive hobby, it helps you enhance your creativity and artistic skills. Money will never be an issue for photographers. You can learn a lot from it.
  • More importantly, it gives you the opportunity to capture and keep the good memories with your family, friends and clients.

As what most professional photographers say, “Patience is the main key to good photography”. Before you can even get a good shot, you need to wait longer until you reach your perfect image. For example, if you want to have a perfect winter shot, you have to wait for the snow to build up.

manUsually, basic photography is appreciated by people who have clever minds and those who have great interest with art and designs. While others see photography as a waste of time. Photography will never be a waste of time because it’s the only way to capture special events and occasions such as birthday, graduation, baptisms, weddings, and even funerals. It is the only way to preserve one in a million and priceless emotions.


I have been a hobbyist since 2010. I don’t have any ideas and skills in photography, yet I motivated myself to learn everything about it. Whenever I have spare time, I travel alone, leave the city for a week and visit places I’ve never been. It was my only way to relax and forget stress. Photography helped me a lot. I learned to appreciate even the tiniest object in the world.

In my opinion, I think we should encourage children to explore the wonders of photography to help them enhance their skills and creativity. It is a good hobby that will help them appreciate and love nature and the environment.


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